Know and love your own "Genius"

Learn to use your Genius to personal advantage and in collaborating successfully with others.


We believe in supporting every young person to understand their unique Genius.


We give our best to  guide each individual learning journey by getting to know the student personally, through a variety of appropriate profiling tools and discussions with the important people in their lives.

Know your Genius

Every one of us has natural strengths and weaknesses and these are unique to us, and are often different from our friends, family and classmates.


We each have a different way to get into "flow", that is, when you love what you do and things don’t feel like hard work.

We really want to help 

Our team of unique and expert professionals at Ignite My Genius offers a range of appropriate character and learning assessments that allow you to recognise what you are naturally good at and how your path to success is different from others around you. 

You can be certain that we all want to empower people with self-confidence and great learning and relationship management skills.

Here are a few of the  profiles that are available to you 

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