Meet our global team of educators and mentors, bringing out the best in themselves and others.

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Jacqueline (Jax)
Webb- Archibald 
Switzerland / UK 
School Consultant  and Learning Coach 
Susan Ritter 

Business Advisor 
Genius Educator  and Business Coach 
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Richard (Rich) Mullens
Youth Coach
UK/ Zimbabwe 
Genius Educator and Learning Coach 
Jeroen Tholen

Experiential Learning
France / Switzerland
Youth Leadership and Outdoor Teamwork 
Mondli (1).jpeg
Mondli Mngadi
South Africa 
Genius Educator  and Science Coach 
Lance (1).jpeg
Dr Lance Box

Experiential Learning 
 Literacy and Learning Differences Expert
Michele Vorster
Primary Teacher
South Africa
Genius Educator  and Early Learning Coach 
Charmain (1).jpg
Charmain Betts
UK / South Africa
Genius Educator  and Literacy  Coach 
David Dempsey.jpeg
David Dempsey
STEAM Tutor 
Genius Educator  and Science Coach 
Dirk Devis.jpeg
Dirk Devin
Experiential Learning
South Africa
Genius Educator  and Development  Coach 
Colin Doran.jpeg
Colin Doran
Maths Tutor
Mathematics and Economics Tutor 
Eryn Wiseman
Author and Educator  
International School Workshop Leader
Cathy Sheppard 
Consultant, Educator and Coach

Genius Leadership Consultant 
Michelle Blanchet
Teacher Educator
Switzerland / USA
School Leadership and Entrepreneurship Coach 

What People are Saying... 


" We need more pioneers and leaders to positively change the world, to make it in what we know in our heart it could be. She stands for a new role for education, for it to lift and inspire human hearts and minds. Jacqueline has created a rallying call to those people in her book. Read it and be inspired."

Nick Williams, Author of "The Work you Were Born to Do" 

"Jacqueline is a dedicated, creative and empathetic guide and mentor. She has a spirit which wraps around people, to connect and align. Jacqueline is a great listener, communicator and connector. It has been a pleasure to work alongside you! If anyone is seeking a change-maker- Jacqueline is someone well worth reaching out to!"

Jak Kearney, CEO, International School of Sotogrande 

"We were so happy that our very gifted son was welcomed and inspired by Jacqueline's personal vision to help every learner shine. The experience of my gifted son to realise a greater part of himself made a huge contribution to his onward academic journey."

Dr. Adrian Khran, Parent Entrepreneur and Board Member of a G&T school 

About the Genius Camps 

“I would come back to Genius Camp in a heartbeat and do it all again.”


“I got to meet new people, learn new things 

and it was great to learn about myself as a genius”’ 


“I learnt how to find new ways to improve my learning.” 


“It improved our relationship with our son and willingness on his part to communicate with us more

— he talks a lot of things over with us now.”


“This is the first time in history that my son ever got straight A’s! 

He is using memory techniques, Quantum Reading and note-taking skills. I am proud! He is proud!”